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Turbocharge Your Case Management

Accelerate Projects, Slash Costs, And Maximize ROI through WKS Platform, our open-source Case Management and Process Automation solution

Discover WKS Platform's Use Cases


Streamlining Services and Enhancing Citizen Engagement

Financial  Services

Tailored Solutions for Regulatory Compliance and Efficiency


Automate and manage claims from submission to resolution

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Other Industries

Discover how WKS Platform delivers tailored case management and workflow automation solutions across various industries, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.

Explore the Benefits of WKS Platform

Flexibility and Agility

Adapts quickly to changing needs, reducing setup time and fostering innovation.

Support for Complex and Unpredictable Work

Handles unpredictable tasks, empowering workers and fostering collaboration.


Offers accessibility, transparency, and community-driven innovation.

Check out our top-notch services

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Empower Your Team: Mastering WKS Platform with Expert Training Solutions

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Premium Support from WKS Platform's Primary Maintainers

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Navigate Complexity: Expert Guidance for Case Management Challenges

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Efficiency with WKS Platform: Seamless Development and Deployment

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Our story

Our Company

WKS Power is a leading provider of consultancy and software development services. We specialize in leveraging the power of our open-source case management platform, WKS Platform, to help organizations streamline their processes and enhance their case management capabilities. With our expertise in BPM automation and adaptive case management, we assist our clients in customizing the platform to meet their specific needs. Whether it's consultancy, software development, or project management, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. Partner with us and experience the power of WKS Power in transforming your organization.

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

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Emily Smith

Senior Software Engineer - Expert in customizing WKS Platform for clients

Team Member 3

Olivia Johnson

Business Consultant - Assisting clients in optimizing case management processes

Team Member 4

Daniel Brown

Project Manager - Ensuring successful delivery of client projects

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Accelerate Camunda Implementation

Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Accelerate Camunda Implementation with WKS Platform's Ready-to-Use Task and Case Management Features.